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Spiral Proofer Room

Release date:  [2015/6/9]     Hit Count:  []

Supply Ability:40 Set/Sets per Year
Port: Tianjin port
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,DP,DA,OA


Spiral Proofer Room is the ideal device for Industrialized Production of Bread, which can be integrated to the complete set of product line, resulting in automatic production, labor released.

Equipped with reliable and accurate controlling system, perfect proof quality can be guaranteed, time can be adjusted within a certain range, temperature and humidity to be controlled respectively.

The Spiral Tower adopts advanced technology of transmission layer by layer, each layer of gear is drive by 2-4 spindle, each layer mesh belt to be drive by gear, deceleration motor power transmits.

*Mesh belt and Frame, completely made from stainless steel. Rail Bracket made from Aluminum alloy of high rigidity, with Deceleration Motor of SEW(German) on the top.

Heating: Heater uses 4 small boiler, gas burner and wall mounted, Via 4 radiator and 8 circulation fan resisting to high temperature and humidity, ensure the air temperature inside equal from top to bottom.(Electric Thermal Heating as optional)

Humidity: With 4 groups of ultrasonic humidifier, each group power 0.25w and evaporation 5kg/hour as maximum.

*Two sides of Proofer Body made from 304 material, thickness 0.6mm stainless steel and 75mm

Polyurethane foam insulation board

* With 4 water-proof lamp on the top

* With 4 dual-layer glass window for observation

* With 2 stainless door of temper glass

* With 4 temperature sensor

* Siemens PLC touch screen, frequency converter

* Schneider low voltage electrical components

Total Power(kw)
 Power Source
Total Size(mm)
Maximum Current
Width of Belt
 Belt speed
Heating Way
 Gas Heating
Heating Element
 Gas Wall Boiler Plumbing
Heating Temperature
 Humidity Control
Humidification Way
Ultrasonic Humidifier
Proofing Time Adjustable


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