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Spiral Cooling Tower

Spiral cooling towers are equipped with best frequency changer, high-quality reduction box, and Schneider Electric components.
The Conveyor belt is made of stainless steel and the skeleton is made of stainless steel square tubes.
Narrowest belt is 200 mm and the widest belt is 1300 mm.
Minimum is 50 meters, maximum is 1200 meters.
The Spiral cooling tower maximum diameter is 12 meters and the minimum diameter is 1.5 meters.
Spiral tower up to 6 meters, minimum 1 layer, maximum 40 layers.
Spiral Cooling Tower

The mesh belt is made of 304 stainless steel and the skeleton is made of 304 and 201 stainless steel square tubes.

Belt width range

200 mm-1300 mm

Belt length range

Single tower length 50 meters - 1200 meters

Tower diameter range

1.5-12 Meters

Layer height

Spiral tower up to 6 meters

Tower Layer range

1-40 layers

Entrance&exit direction

Low inlet high exit  high inlet low exit  

two in and two out, three in and three out, ellipse

Spiral Cooling Tower Tip:

Spiral Cooling Tower can be customized according to your needs

1. The production capacity,cooling time and the size of the food you make

2. Material,length and width of the conveyor belt.

3. The height,diameter and layers quantity of the tower.

4. In feed and out feed direction.

5. Shape of the tower(round,oval,vertical)

6. Material of the frame

7. The brand of the reduction motor,bearing ,and the inverter frequency device and screen.




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