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  • Toast Production Line
    Toast Production Line

    The toast production line are consist of water chiller, removable bowl dough mixer, hydraulic cylinder turning machine, dough divider, dough rounder, intermediate proofer, toast moulder, auto swing proofer, lidding machine, tunnel oven , lid off machine, bread depanner, bread conveyor, sprial cooling tower, sorting conveyor, slicer & package, back trays conveyor and mold storage.

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  • The AOCNO --- Humberger Production Line
    The AOCNO --- Humberger Production Line

    If you are running a modern baking food factory, the AOCNO Company would be your best partner. We are the professional baking machines manufacturer, who designs all kinds of bakery equipments. Today I would like to introduce you the hamburger production line.

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  • The AOCNO --- Rotary Oven
    The AOCNO --- Rotary Oven

    The AOCNO company is a professional bakery equipment manufacturer, our major product are hamburger production line, toast production line and cake production line. The AOCNO Ovens are ideal for high-volume bakeries, wholesale operations producing quality baked goods. We have all kinds of baking machines, one of them must fit your needs.

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  • Fixed Bowl Mixer
    Fixed Bowl Mixer

    If you are running a commercial bakery shop or baking factory, the modern machine can save you lots of time. The AOCNO company, the professional manufacturer of the baking machines, would be your best cooperator. Our main products are the bread production line, hamburger production line, cake production line, the sprial cooling tower and so many other commercial bakery machines.

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  • The AOCNOContinuous Type Depanner
    The AOCNOContinuous Type Depanner

    The AOCNO company is the professional manufacturer of the baking machine, we have the experienced research team to manufacturer the baking equipments. We are specializing in the bakery line. We have multiple braed baking machines, nearly all the bakery equipments that you will need in your baking fa

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  • Hamburger Production Line
    Hamburger Production Line

    The AOCNO Baking Machinery Co.,Ltd has secialized in the baking machine for over 36 years. Our company has our own factory and workers to produce the baking equipments. If you are looking for the profesional bakery line, AOCNO can be your top choice. Hamburger Production Line, Toast Production Line, Cake Production Line are our major products. We have multiple years of manufacturering the bakery line experience, which can ensure your the excellent user experience.

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  • Automatic Tilting Dough Mixer
    Automatic Tilting Dough Mixer

    The AOCNO is professional manufacturer of baking machinery. The AOCNO devotes themselves to the bakery equipment’s research and development. AOCNO focus on offering the bakery bread factory and food baking factory. We can based on your special needs to offer you the customized baking machines. The AOCNO automatic tilting dough mixer, coupled with a dependable and safe hydraulic elevator-tipper. This innovative system provides the time saving facility to vertically raise and rotate the mixer to tip the dough directly onto a suitable bench or work surface.

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  • Continuous Type Depanner
    Continuous Type Depanner

    The AOCNO--Contious Type Depanner is especially designed for the breads and cakes. When the bread and cake is done, then we can put the mold on the conveyor chain and enter the depanner area. Then the depanner machine can take off the whole plated cake or bread immediately. Then the cake and bread can be transported into the next process. It is the perfect machine for the large capcity and continuous production. The depanner is suitable for burger, hot dog,toast and cake.

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  • Spiral Cooling Tower Conveyor
    Spiral Cooling Tower Conveyor

    The AOCNO Spiral Cooling Tower Conveyor is professional bakery equipment. It is especially designed for the bakery shop, large bakery factory and industrial bread maker.Nowadays many large bakery factory has applied this modern amazing bread baking machine, for it can save more labour costs and make accurate standardized bakery products. This satisfied the very need of a modern bakery factory’s need. The Spiral Cooling Toewr Conveyor, this huge machine, has many parts to worker together to ensure it functions well,like the best frequency changer, the high-quality reduction box and Schneider Electric components. All these parts has been tested many times before the delivery, so you don’t have to worry the product’s quality. If you have any questions about how this baking equipment work or you are facing some problems about how to use it, don’t worry we can offer the video guidance online.

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  • Bread Production Line
    Bread Production Line

    The AOCNO is especially designed for the large bakery shop and bread making factory. The AOCNO is the professional bread making large machine supplier. We can offer the bread making machine in different process. You can purchase the single part machine of the bread production line or the whole bread production line.

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