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Hebei AOCNO Baking Machinery Co.,Ltd founded in May 1984,covers 95 acres building area.We have modern plant,area up to 45,000 square meters and also an integrity building,5,000 square meters,which active for R&D center,products exhibition and marketing center and other facility.


Through the sincere efforts of all employees, forge ahead in concert and forge ahead,
the company's future development will certainly be bright.


WE have self-support right of import and export,with approval of ISO 9000 international Quality Assurance system and
have already registered our AOCNO trademark in 5 countries in the World.

Production Experience

We have been in the bakery machine line for over 36 years,professional,rich experience,attend the global exhibition,update the machine all the time.

Technical Certificate

CE Certificate,Alibaba/
Made in China gold supplier

Enterprise Size

We have modern plant,area up to 45,000 square meters and also an integrity building,5,000 square meters,which active for R&D center,products exhibition and marketing center and other facility.

Professional Team

Now we have totally 195 staffs,including 15 senior technical staffs and 80 after sale staffs and 12 offices within the whole country.

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Why Do We Love Sandwiches?
Most of us are sandwich fans. In fact, it’s thought that we spend a lot of money in our lifetime to buy sandwiches. Surprisingly, the average person will eat over 18,000 sandwiches throughout our life.There are thousands of different meals.But over 50% of us choose to each a sandwich every day at lunch. So, why do we love sandwiches so much?
Cake production line of AOCNO
At present, our country's baking industry has gradually entered a relatively mature trend of development. According to experts' prediction, in the next 20 years, our country's baking industry will still show a rapid and stable development status. No matter in big supermarket or a small store, cake products have been occupied a large market share.
Development of Hamburgers
With the development of social economy, people's dining tables are becoming more and more abundant, and Western-style fast food is one of them. Referred to western fast food, people can blurt out pizza, fried chicken nuggets, hamburgers and other delicacies. Among them, the hamburger is the most famous. Whether you are in busy work during relax, most people feel happy when eating and tasting hamburgers. In recent years, Chinese hamburger category market has grown stronger and stronger, and the competition of hamburger sub-categories have become fierce.
Hamburger/bun/hot Dog Production Line Of AOCNO
The name Hamburger originated from the northwestern German city of Hamburg. It means "from Hamburg", which can refer to the hamburger itself, or the patty made of ground beef or other ground beef in the bread. This kind of meat pie is now generally called hamburger pie in Chinese, and hamburger is used to refer to the round bun sandwich with hamburger steak. Today hamburgers can be found in nearly every parts of the world. Over time the concept has evolved, and meat patties are decorated with an endless variety of creative, tasty toppings. The meat patties themselves have been replaced with healthier options, including black bean, turkey and salmon burgers (though one might argue that these do not really qualify as burgers in the traditional sense).
Tunnel Oven Of AOCNO
Today we will take a look at tunnel oven. The tunnel oven interior is shaped like a tunnel, and the material is sent in and out of the furnace through a conveying mechanism. The tunnel oven is a tunnel-type mechanical device that completes material heating and baking through heat conduction, convection, and radiation.
AOCNO High-speed Toast Slicer
Bread is one of the most important food that give us life and vitality. For many people around the world, bread is the primary essential food today. Have you tried to cut a loaf of bread with a regular knife? It’s annoying. You never get the thickness you want, and there’s an influx of crumbles. To




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