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Hebei AOCNO Baking Machinery Co.,Ltd founded in May 1984,covers 95 acres building area.We have modern plant,area up to 45,000 square meters and also an integrity building,5,000 square meters,which active for R&D center,products exhibition and marketing center and other facility.


Through the sincere efforts of all employees, forge ahead in concert and forge ahead,
the company's future development will certainly be bright.


WE have self-support right of import and export,with approval of ISO 9000 international Quality Assurance system and
have already registered our AOCNO trademark in 5 countries in the World.

Production Experience

We have been in the bakery machine line for over 36 years,professional,rich experience,attend the global exhibition,update the machine all the time.

Technical Certificate

CE Certificate,Alibaba/
Made in China gold supplier

Enterprise Size

We have modern plant,area up to 45,000 square meters and also an integrity building,5,000 square meters,which active for R&D center,products exhibition and marketing center and other facility.

Professional Team

Now we have totally 195 staffs,including 15 senior technical staffs and 80 after sale staffs and 12 offices within the whole country.

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Remember old-style bread?
Old-fashioned bread is a product when the bread just started. With the development of the times, there are many types of bread, but the old-fashioned bread has not been eliminated by society. Instead, it has become the most beautiful taste in the memory of many people. Of pasta companies have always
Chinese "Little Manchurian"
Today is the "Little Manchurian" of the Chinese lunar calendar. The second solar term entering the summer season means that the grains of summer mature crops begin to fill and fill, but they are not yet mature, they are just small and full. Starting from Xiaoman, the summer harvest crops such as win
Special period, let us overcome difficulties together
The New Corona virus has raged the world, which has also caused losses to many companies. Socio-economic stagnation, small businesses are facing bankruptcy, many people on the Internet joked that they hope to restart 2020, but in any case, we must remain enthusiastic and work together Overcome diffi
What are the precautions after toasting bread into the mold?
The degree of final proofing after the dough is put into the mold needs to be accurately controlled according to experience. Otherwise, it is easy to appear that the volume is too small after baking, or the volume is too large and the bread is waisted. It is necessary to apply oil to the mold to avo
Another bread production line that will go abroad
We can make hamburger production line, bun production line, toast production line, loaf bread production line, baguette production line, hot dog production line, cake production line and many other bread production line, now there is a hamburger production line will go abroad recently:
Our famous products: Bread production line
Our factory specializing in the production of bread production equipment. After nearly 30 years of research and development, AOCNO has got a systematic production process. We have advanced technology, high quality products and perfect after-sales service. Our star product is the bread production lin




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