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AOCNO Hamburger Production Line

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The AOCNO Company is the professional baking equipment manufacturer, that specialize in the large scale industrial bread production. Our bakery equipment are suitable for the various baking products, like the cake, toast, baguette and etc,. Our bakery production line can produce from tin breads to high water absorption artisan breads and from pre-fermented to 'green' dough. The flexibility and the high efficiency production are ensured thanks to the unique modular design and the various mobile units.

We have 3 basic production line, the cake production line, the toast production line, the hamburger production line. And if you have the special need you can change other baking machine based on your needs. We also offer you the spiral cooling tower, baking oven, water chiller, mixer, dough divider, dough rounder, moulder machine, proofer, depanner and other commercial bakery machine.


Though the investment on these production line may seem a lot, the return on the investment would show in the short time. Thus the bakery production line is the most required product in the modern pastry factory. The bakery production line can consistently produced hour by hour and day by day.

The hamburger production line are consist of 14 machines, the water chiller, the removable bowl dough mixer, the bowl lifter& dough chunker, the dough divider& rounder, proofing conveyor, the rack fermenting room, automatic sprinkle water and sesame machine, tunnel oven, bread depanner,bread conveyor, spiral cooling tower,freezing room,back trays conveyor and mold storage. All these machine has been carefully designed to fit the practical production.

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