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  • Multi-function bread production line of factory
    Multi-function bread production line of factory

    Multifunctional bread making production line About the Baking Series:1. The cold water machineMaterial :304 stainless steel, 100mm PU insulation layer, water metering controller.The use of American refrigerators, R404 refrigerant.2. Removable dough mixer (SMR 200) Multifunctional bread making produ

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  • Vacuum Screw dough divider
    Vacuum Screw dough divider

    Due to the rising cost of raw materials, precise dough division has never been more important. So what are the main principles needed to achieve this goal? Due to today's busy lifestyle, bakeries and manufacturing machines are busier than ever. When a company plans its future equipment requirements.

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  • Multi-function bread production line Used on a large scale.
    Multi-function bread production line Used on a large scale.

    Multi-function bread production line Used on a large scal

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  • Multi-Purpose Bread Line of application
    Multi-Purpose Bread Line of application

    The Multi-Purpose Bread Line has been developed to supply a good sort of bread products, from medium-sized bakeries to any industrial bakery.Features of multifunctional bread production line:1. Automatic makeup system2. Minimum number of operators required3. "- friendly system4. High weight accuracy

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  • Multifunctional Bread Making Production Line For Application
    Multifunctional Bread Making Production Line For Application

    The breadcrumb production line In general, the continuous mixer is the starting point of the production line. Next, feed the dough and shape it. A continuous mixer is used during the proofing process, followed by a tunnel oven.In the process described here, the first individual bread is baked and th

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  • industrial bread depanner
    industrial bread depanner

    The Depanner conveyor belt is a solution for industrial bakery. The basic function of Depanner is to help workers take out the bread from the tray and place the depanned bread on the bread conveyor belt. Our depanner belts are very suitable for online depanning of various baked products

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  • sliced bread
    sliced bread

    The AOCNO slicing machine is developed according to specific needs and is designed to match an automated bread production line to achieve the high performance and reliability of automatic slicing of bakery products. AOCNO's main slicers include high speed slicer, sandwich slicer, Reciprocating Belt

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  • AOCNO Long toast Moulder
    AOCNO Long toast Moulder

    AOCNO Long toast Moulder is designed for forming long loaves and rusks. Its sturdy structure makes this machine suitable for automatic and semi-automatic bread and rusks bakery shop or bread factory. We provide rolls with Teflon coating to prevent dough sticking.

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  • Baking used Dough divider
    Baking used Dough divider

    Due to the increase in labor costs, bread manufacturers are required to produce products with higher accuracy. If product capacity is increased, more bakers will use dough dividers.while the trend towards artisan bread, gluten-free products and wet dough presents a challenge for equipment suppliers .

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  • Bakery Machines and Lines
    Bakery Machines and Lines

    Description:The whole machine adopts touch screen, photoelectric control, computer storage data, simple operation, high degree of automation.The bread production line has a high degree of automation, high production efficiency and reduced labor costs.Bread dough forming machine includes 4 machines -

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