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  • Dough Divider Has Been Changed the Bakery Industry
    Dough Divider Has Been Changed the Bakery Industry
    The dough divider is a revolutionary tool that has transformed the baking industry. With its ability to quickly and accurately divide dough into equal portions, it has become a staple in bakeries worldwide.
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  • What deck ovens are good for?
    What deck ovens are good for?
    Commercial baking requires deck ovens, as they are known for being able to deliver consistent heat throughout the cooking chamber while subtly controlling heat throughout the backing process. A steam system controls the heat provided to each deck. They were challenged to bake many bread in a relatively short amount of time, with the perfect crust enveloping the deliciousness inside.
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  • A Look of the Importance of Bakery Proofer in the Baking Industry
    A Look of the Importance of Bakery Proofer in the Baking Industry
    Proofers are designed to maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels to produce evenly baked food. They are regularly used in restaurants, bakeries and food production facilities around the world. It is an integral part of the baking industry.The proofing machine relies on the electric heati
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  • AOCNO 3 bakery production lines will increase bakery productivity
    AOCNO 3 bakery production lines will increase bakery productivity
    Nowadays, space is at a premium , and many bakeries are looking for ways to maximize it. Did you realize that upgrading to some of our latest equipment could help you significantly increase your bakery's productivity? For instance, AOCNO has 3 basic production lines,the toast production line, the hamburger production line and the cake production line. Each of these production lines are composed of many pieces of bakery machines, like the tunnel oven, the cooling tower, the spiral fermenting room and etc,.
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  • AOCNO 3 Bakery Production Lines
    AOCNO 3 Bakery Production Lines
    It is true that handmade bread is labor-intensive, with low production capacity, non-standardized shape, size, and appearance quality, and it is very difficult to earn too much profit. But using professional baking equipment will make a big difference, high output, cost saving, and can form a professional bread production line. After setting the program, continuous production automation can be realized, which is very efficient. Use the bread production line to replace the high cost of manual production, effectively control personal costs, shorten the cycle of bread production, and increase sales profits. This is the secret that bread can also have large business.
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  • Introduction of Spiral Cooling Tower Conveyor
    Introduction of Spiral Cooling Tower Conveyor
    During the production and processing of small bread cakes, it needs to be cooled for a long time, and then the next step of packaging and processing after cooling. In the process of cooling and conveying small bread cakes, the support of cooling equipment is required. For small quantities, simple linear cooling conveyors can be used for conveying or tray brackets for natural cooling, and it takes 10-30 minutes. However, if the output per hour is more than 500 kg, or more than 2 tons per hour, special food cooling and conveying equipment is required for cooling in a short time, such as a spiral cooling tower.
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  • AOCNO Dough Divider
    AOCNO Dough Divider
    Our dough divider machine allow you to shape any dough to the exact dimensions that you need with precise accuracy. It means our dough moulder machine can create the perfect shapes for every kind of dough including: pizza, bread, bagels, baguettes, rolls, puffs, cookies, doughnuts, pastries, and any imaginable flour-based delicacies. Expand your business sales by being able to create new bakery products that can be mould exactly as you need them with state of the art precision and efficiency.
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  • Introduction of Toast Bread Production Line
    Introduction of Toast Bread Production Line
    Being an important consumer product, toast bread is a necessity food in many parts of the world. The production of toast bread requires dough to go through a series of stages, each open to the potential for mistakes that could disrupt the bread’s chemical process, thus the need for automated production.
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  • Buy The AOCNO Tunnel Oven
    Buy The AOCNO Tunnel Oven
    AOCNO Baking Machinery Company, is a professional baking machinery manufacturer. We have our own direct factory and skilled workers. We have 36 years experience of making bakery machine line. Our main products is bread production line, like hamburger production line,toast production line and cake production line. The tunnel oven and spiral cooling tower conveyor are our hot sells.
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  • Buy Spiral Cooling Tower Conveyor
    Buy Spiral Cooling Tower Conveyor
    Our company focused on the bakery production line, like the cake production line, toast production line and the hamburger production line. If you need the baking equipment, like spiral cooling tower, tunnel oven, dough mixer, spiral mixer and etc,,
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