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Aocno bread making machine under the epidemic

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AOCNO knows what problems need to be solved to improve the production performance of bread manufacturers, which is why we are developing and building production lines for bread manufacturers all over the world.


Our baking equipment adopts a modular structure, so the machine can be easily added to an existing production line, which provides many possibilities for you to choose products and production processes.


 bread cooler

The AOCNO bakery machine is equipped with easy-to-operate buttons for setting and storing various parameters and formulas, and uses high-quality materials and components, all made of stainless steel.


In customer feedback, the production efficiency of the Hamburg making production line has been significantly improved, the quality of the Hamburg is much higher than usual, orders have increased, and staff costs have been reduced.


Despite the difficulties encountered by bakery manufacturers due to the COVID-19 epidemic, this year also brought a positive side, strengthening the automation of bakery at the end of 2020.


AOCNO automatic bread production line, strict selection of materials, meticulous plan design, product after-sales service, make our products more assured.




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