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Buy Spiral Cooling Tower Conveyor

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If you are running a baking factory or the bakery shop, you may try to build a modern factory to reduce the labour cost and increase the increase the productivity. The AOCNO Company would be your great help. Hebei AOCNO Baking Machinery Co.,Ltd founded in May 1984,covers 95 acres building area.We have modern plant,area up to 45,000 square meters and also an integrity building,5,000 square meters,which active for R&D center,products exhibition and marketing center and other facility. Our company focused on the bakery production line, like the cake production line, toast production line and the hamburger production line. If you need the baking equipment, like spiral cooling tower, tunnel oven, dough mixer, spiral mixer and etc,, please contact us without hesitation. Our professional team would happily answer your question.

Today I would like to introduce you the AOCNO Spiral Cooling Tower Conveyor.

The spiral cooling tower conveyor is designed to cool down the temperature of the bakery products. The spiral cooling towers are consist of the best frequency changer, the high-quality reduction box and Schneider electric components. The components of the cooling conveyor are used the famous brand. We can ensure you the most cost effective product. And the skeleton of the spiral conveyor belts are made of the stainless steel square tubes.The spiral cooling tower can be customized. Our experienced worker can help you design your own spiral cooling tower based on your situation. 


When you place your order, please make sure about the following questions:

1. The production capacity,cooling time and the size of the food you make

2. Material,length and width of the conveyor belt.

3. The height,diameter and layers quantity of the tower.

4. In feed and out feed direction.

5. Shape of the tower(round,oval,vertical)

6. Material of the frame

7. The brand of the reduction motor,bearing ,and the inverter frequency device and screen.

If you are interested in this product, please contact us immediately. If you are looking for other bakery machine, you can visit our website. Contact our sales for the baking machine prices, get your own discount now.




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