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AOCNO bread processing machine

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AOCNO Baking Machinery focus on the technological advancement of processing equipment in bakery and food factories to maintain excellent competitiveness. Our technical staff use advanced technology to win customers and market share by developing unique and efficient machines.


bread making machine

Amid innovation, demographic changes and constantly changing customer needs, the baking processing equipment industry will continue to maintain strong growth in the next few years. The population growth, urbanization and improvement of living standards in developing regions, supported by the transition from diet to high-value-added products, are driving the growth of the entire baking processing equipment market, providing a rare business opportunity for the development of AOCNO.


AOCNO baking processing equipment provides highly customized products to meet the various needs of its customers.


AOCNO can customize hamburger production line, toast production line, French stick hot dog production line, cake production line and so on according to customer requirements.




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