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Baking oven-tunnel oven

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AOCNO tunnel ovens are continuous baking ovens that can be direct gas or indirect heating. Tunnel oven is the core of modern baking production line. Tunnel oven can also cooperate with AOCNO's dough divider machine, spiral proofer room and cooling tower to improve the output capacity of the factory.

AOCNO industrial tunnel ovens are suitable for large output production plants, such as automatic production lines for the production of hamburgers, buns, toast, French sticks, hot dogs, etc., with stable high-quality baking.

commercial bread making oven

Tunnel baking ovens are all intelligently operated and controlled via a control panel for precise temperature and humidity control for uniform baking. As you all know, most products have different requirements for temperature, humidity and time.

AOCNO's tunnel oven bread making machine use advanced design concepts, meet the strictest safety and hygiene standards, and use high-quality imported materials and components. You can have confidence in the final taste of the bread and the consistency of the product quality

All tunnel ovens are made to order according to customer needs.

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