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Cake production line of AOCNO

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At present, our country's baking industry has gradually entered a relatively mature trend of development. According to experts' prediction, in the next 20 years, our country's baking industry will still show a rapid and stable development status. No matter in big supermarket or a small store, cake products have been occupied a large market share.

Although cakes can be seen everywhere in people's life, the production process is little-known. The emergence of cake machinery has appeared solved the big problem for the market. It is obviously to see that the contribution of cake production and package machines to the cake industry. It opens a window of development for the cake industry to open up a larger space. It can be said that without the rapid development of cake machinery, there would be no rise of the cake industry.

Produce up to thousands cakes / h with the most flexible line for  cake production in the market! Use the AOCNO cake production line in combination with a conveyor and build up your individual production line for different cakes! Industrial cake production couldn’t be easier.

AOCNO cake production line arranges the cakes, breads and cakes for distance sorting, distribution and positioning, and automatically arranges the baking trays. The electronic components adopt imported accessories, which have the characteristics of high automation, stable operation, large baking production, good product taste and long shelf life.

Please feel free to contact us for receiving further information regarding our cake production line!

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