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High -precision, high -efficiency dough sediment machine

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In the modern baking industry, with its efficient and accurate characteristics, the dough sediment has become an important equipment for making various types of baked goods. As a professional baking machinery supplier and dough sedifier manufacturer, we know the importance of dough sediments for bakery equipment, bread production lines, and toast/cake/burger bag production line. Among them, high -speed dough sediments and vacuum spiral dough division machines have brought revolutionary changes to the baking industry with their unique functions and advantages.

The high -speed dough segment machine ensures the accuracy and efficiency of the dough with its unique metering system and accurate control system. The machine adopts a specially designed metering system that can gently handle the dough and make the final product achieve the quality of handmade. At the same time, through touch screen operations, users can easily manage the formula to achieve rapid switching of different products. Its dough's weight control range is widely controlled, from 25g to 130g, which can meet the needs of different baking products. The design of the full stainless steel roller is not only sturdy and durable, but also easy to clean, ensuring the hygiene quality of the product. In addition, the disassembly design of tools makes maintenance and maintenance more simple and convenient.

The vacuum spiral dough segmentation machine brings a new production experience to the baking industry with its innovative design and excellent performance. The built -in vacuum pump design makes the machine not require external compression of air, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. At the same time, its dual screw structure can transport the dough to exports in a gentle way to avoid the problem of compression and recycling the common dough in traditional machines. This soft treatment method not only ensures the quality of the dough, but also greatly improves production efficiency. In addition, the machine also has the advantages of high precision, low wear, easy cleaning, etc., which further reduces the cost of maintenance and stopping, and provides a strong guarantee for the safe and efficient production of the baking industry.

Whether it is industrial and commercial bread machine machines, or various types of baking equipment, dough segments are an indispensable part of them. As a professional baking equipment supplier, we are committed to providing high -quality dough division machines and other baking equipment to contribute to the development of the baking industry. At the same time, we also look forward to cooperating with more baking companies and individuals to jointly promote the prosperity and progress of the baking industry.




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