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Introduction of Toast Bread Production Line

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Being an important consumer product, toast bread is a necessity food in many parts of the world. The production of toast bread requires dough to go through a series of stages, each open to the potential for mistakes that could disrupt the bread’s chemical process, thus the need for automated production.

To meet local demand, market players must not only adapt their recipes but also ensure the industrial performance of their line. Therefore, AOCNO has designed the toast production line,

The key part for the toast production line would be the rack fermenting room, the tunnel oven , the spiral cooling tower and the freezing room. The rack fermenting room has 26 racks in total. The proofing time is about 60-80 minutes. The air-conditioning type with cold water spray system, and the air convection system includes gas heating and humidification device.

In the world of bakery technology, the name AOCNO has stood for excellence made in China for over 36 years. With the highest quality, pioneering new developments, tailor-made solutions and the best service, AOCNO offers everything that the bakery trade and industry need to produce first-class baked goods.




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