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Sesame Seed Sprinkler

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Sesame Seed Sprinkler is designed for use in the food industry, particularly for sprinkling sesame seeds and other granular raw materials on hamburger, hot dog, and toast bread. 

1. **Water Spraying System:** The sprinkler is equipped with a water spraying system, ensuring an even and consistent application of water on the food products.

2. **Tracking Type:** The tracking type feature suggests that the sprinkler can move along with the food items without stopping or vibrating. This continuous motion helps in achieving a uniform distribution of sesame seeds and other granular materials.

3. **Precision and Efficiency:** The equipment comes with four sets of precise positioning molds that can be quickly replaced. This feature not only enhances precision but also contributes to efficiency in the production process.

The linear water scratch function indicates a method of water application that follows a linear pattern, potentially contributing to the uniformity of water distribution. The ability to quickly replace molds is a practical feature, allowing for flexibility in production processes and potentially reducing downtime during mold changes.

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