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Specialized bakery equipment manufacturer and supplier

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Keep in mind that the specific equipment you need may vary depending on the scale of your bakery and the types of bread you want to produce. Bread production lines typically include mixers, dividers, proofers, ovens, and other specialized equipment designed for large-scale production. It's important to work closely with the manufacturer to ensure the equipment meets your exact requirements.

Hebei AOCNO Baking Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in May 1984, boasts impressive facilities for its baking machinery operations. Here are some key features of our company:

1. **Large Area:** our company covers 95 acres of land, with a substantial building area. 

2. **Modern Plant:** We have a modern plant that spans an area of 45,000 square meters. This is where our manufacturing activities likely take place.

3. **Integrity Building:** The presence of an integrity building covering 5,000 square meters is noteworthy. This building serves various purposes, including housing our R&D center, product exhibitions, marketing center, and other facilities. 




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