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Spiral Mixer with fixed bowl

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Mobile large capacity bowl Spiral Mixer with fixed bowladopts a slight inclination angle raising mechanism and a bowl hook to ensure that the bowl does not slip backwards during the tilting process. The lift can raise the bowl to a height of 2.6 meters, with angle of 25 degrees. The total weight of the lifting bowl and the inner can reach 450kg. The height of this bowl is 4 meters (+ the height of the rear bowl)

Equipped with a lifter for use with a movable mixer, then lift and pour out the bowl. The elevator is the connecting device between the movable dough mixer and the dough forming machine.

Dough Mixer Work Process

It uses different speeds between a high-speed rotating screw and a low-speed stainless steel bowl to push, pull, squeeze and knead the dough, so that the dough is fully mixed and hydrated with various raw materials to increase the water absorption rate and increase the strength of the dough.

Spiral Mixer with fixed bowl

Dough Mixer Advantages:

Save labor

Improve efficiency

Large mixing capacity

Dough Mixer Application:

Mobile large capacity bowl spiral dough mixer Suitable for industrial production and all kinds of soft and hard dough and high-gluten dough, imported key components

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