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The AOCNO Commercial Tunnel Oven

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The modern food factory is becoming a global trend among the worldwide food and beverage industry. The first step to build a modern food factory is highly automation commercial baking equipment. If you have no idea how to build the modern factory, the AOCNO Company are happy to offer you the comprehensive advice.

The AOCNO Company is the professional bakery machinery manufacturer, which has specialized in the baking machine industry for decades. We have our own factory, development department and experienced sales team to solve all your problems form the pre-purchase to the after-sale . Each of our bakery equipment will be strictly tested before delivery.

We have designed 3 highly automatic bakery production line, the hamburger production line, the toast production line and the cake production line. We also have other hot selling products, the spiral cooling tower, the tunnel oven and the bakery multi-function production line.

Today I would like to introduce you our TUNNEL OVEN.

Tunnel Oventunnel oven

The tunnel oven are able to continuously produce the pastry products. The tunnel oven can be motivated by indirect heating units, the electric heating system. The tunnel oven the is the key part of the production line, it can decide the output capacity of the production line.

The AOCNO tunnel oven are consist of the electrical control system, mechanical transmission system, skeleton system, electric heating system, food delivery system, exhaust ventilation system and etc, .

The baking chamber is a enclosed and thermally insulated box, which can prevent heat leaks and maintain baking temperature. It also equipped with the transmission system, which are consist of the motor, shaft, pulley, gearbox and band, to make products move from one end to the other across baking chamber. Extractors or exhaust stacks can safely remove somke of the product and prevent water vapor accumulation inside baking chamber.

The tunnel oven can bake various bakery products. It is a quite cost-effective product. It can raise the productivity of the baking to maximize the profit. Th highly automatic production line has significantly reduce the labor cost.

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