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The Bakery Production Line

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The AOCNO Company is a professional baking equipment manufacturer, which specialize in the bakery production line. We also provide provide other baking machines like the the tunnel oven, spiral cooling tower conveyor, the proofer, the automatic mixer and other bakery machine that you may need in making pasty. We can offer the customized service based on your factory’s capacity and layout.

Aim to build the high efficiency modern baking factory, the highly efficient productivity is the key point. The bakery production line can help us a lot. We have three bakery production lines, the cake production line, the hamburger production line and the toast production line.

Línea de Producción de Pan

We have the skilled engineers and the development department, they have the decades experience. Thus we can assure the most practical machine line. We have been in the bakery machine fields since 1984, our team know what problems should be concerned to improve the the machines performances in producing. This is why we receive the positive commend from our customers within the worldwide.

When you are seeking the solution to increase your productivity, the AOCNO Company is at your service. You can contact us on our website page or find us on other social media, like LinkedIn, Facebook. Our company can help you to build your own modern factory.

If you are interested in our product or have any questions about our production line, you are welcomed to contact our sales team. When you have the special needs for the machine, you can get your own customized service, to make sure the machine is perfectly match your factory.




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