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The correct use and use skills of bakery food proofing room

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The bakery food proofing room is an electric heating product designed according to the principles and requirements of bread fermentation. It uses an electric heating tube to heat the water in the water tray through a temperature control circuit to produce a relative humidity of 80-85% and a temperature of 35℃~40°C is most suitable for fermentation environment, it is convenient to shape, and it is safe and reliable to use. It is an indispensable supporting equipment to improve the quality of bread production.


How to maintain and use the bakery bread proofer?

1. The cabinet should be placed steadily before use, and a single-phase power switch and leakage protector that meet the electrical capacity should be installed nearby, and then the power cord of the proofing box should be connected.


2. "Equipotential bonding terminal" is provided behind the proofing box, which can be used for repeated grounding of the proofing room. The user should use a copper core wire of no less than 2.5mm to be firmly connected to a ground wire that meets safety regulations.


3. When using, you must first fill the water basin with clean water to the "water level limit line", and adjust the fermentation temperature selection knob on the control panel to 36-38°C and the humidity adjustment knob to 80-100, at this time the green indicator When the light is on, the heating and humidification work starts in the box. When the fermentation temperature in the box reaches the set value, the temperature control system automatically cuts off the power. At this time, the red light is on and the proofing box stops working. This cycle keeps the inside of the box within the set temperature and humidity range.


Proof temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will affect the normal reproduction of yeast, and even cause the death of bacteria. In addition, you can set the alarm according to your needs, just turn the timer knob to the required time and press the timer switch.




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