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Continuous Mixing Systems-hamburger bun production line solutions

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When you are looking for hamburger bun production line solutions, consider continuous mixing equipment from Aocno baking machinery. Our state-of-the-art mixers can help you reduce labor, cut costs, achieve greater consistency, and maximize efficiency.

Aocno baking machinery is the leading supplier of Continuous Mixing Systems for the food industry. They include our smallest bench-top systems designed for 50 kg/hour, to our largest systems that exceed 10,000 kg/hour.

For 36 years, we have developed Continuous Mixers that are ideal for the baked snack, cookie, cracker, sweet goods, pizza, tortilla, pet treat and bread and bun industries. We also offer continuous mixing solutions for non-bakery items, such as protein bars, peanut butter, icing and pet treats.


Aocno baking machinery has developed the Continuous Mixer specifically to manufacture ultra-high absorption, highly developed dough, such as for hamburger and hot dog buns, breads, hard rolls, English muffins, tortillas, and multi-grain products, at low temperatures.

This High Development Continuous Mixer is a two-stage system. All ingredients are first mixed into a uniform mass with a twin screw mixer. In a separate section, the dough is kneaded to the proper development level with a single screw mixer.

The Aocno baking machinery provides precise and uninterrupted ingredient metering to the mixer and eliminates the chance of contamination because the dough is never exposed to the environment.

In addition to the mixer itself, a complete Aocno Continuous Mixing system also includes:

Materials Handling: We work with vendors who specialize in solutions such as dilute phase, dense phase, vacuum and pressure processes. We can also customize input methods to your individual process needs.

Ingredients Metering: Gravimetric, Loss-in-Weight technology provides precise, uninterrupted dry ingredient metering to the Continuous Mixer. Flowmeters connected to the closed loop control system ensure that liquid ingredients are accurately delivered to the Mixer.

Minors Blending: To reduce costs, increase flexibility and simplify the process, some minor ingredients are automatically pre-blended before metering.

Operator Interface: All metering and mixing procedures are monitored and initiated by the control system so the operator is always able to confirm and modify as needed.

System Monitoring: Automated controls monitor the mixing process to self-correct for any variations in ingredients or temperature.

Get in touch with AOCNO BAKING MACHINERY at 86-0311-68032934 or contact us online to explore our Continuous Mixers for your hamburger bun production line and discover which equipment will be best for your process.




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