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spiral cooling tower for bakery

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This spiral cooling tower from AOCNO is specially designed for large bread making production lines to cool freshly baked bread at natural air temperature. All spiral cooling towers are customized design and can be used for cooling, fast freezing, or proofing and bread conveying, depending on the application.

Cooling towers are often used in the food processing industry and can often be used to cool various types of bread, such as hamburgers, toasts, French sticks, hot dogs, etc. The speed of the mesh belt is variable, so the residence time from inlet to outlet is very flexible.

spiral cooling tower

Continuous Spiral Cooler: A compact tower with belts that move up and down. The number of layers and the speed of the conveyor determine how long the bread will cool.

Bread is fragile during the initial cooling phase. This is due to instability due to high temperature (95°C to 80°C core). Inadequately cooled bread may have weak side walls that collapsed during the slicing process, jagged slices, cracks in the crumbs, and excessive humidity due to condensation in the bread bag (which promotes mold growth). One disadvantage of being too cold is that the cutting blade can become contaminated. And a certain amount of cooldown easily ended these problems.

AOCNO has always been committed to becoming a more professional bread baking expert, providing more possibilities for the baking industry.

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