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A Look of the Importance of Bakery Proofer in the Baking Industry

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Proofers are designed to maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels to produce evenly baked food. They are regularly used in restaurants, bakeries and food production facilities around the world. It is an integral part of the baking industry.

The proofing machine relies on the electric heating tube to heat and evaporate the water in the water tank, so that the dough can be fully fermented and expanded at a certain temperature and humidity. The temperature of the commercial proofers should not be too high, otherwise it will affect the normal reproduction of the yeast, and even cause the death of the bacteria. When the bread dough is fermented in a large proofer, it is generally necessary to adjust the fermentation tank to the set temperature before fermenting. The heating speed of the bread proofing machine is fast, and it can complete proofing in the shortest time.

Bakery proofers are important in bakeries as they can help dough rise, reducing the risk of spoilage and increase process efficiency. When baking, the yeast reacts with the sugar and produces carbon dioxide, which creates air bubbles in the dough. This process creates a softer, airier bread that tastes much better right out of the oven.

AOCNO proofer can increase temperature quickly, so good quality dough can be produced in a short time. Proofer is made with stainless steel which is durable, long-lasting and clean. We have a production and R&D team more than 36 years of experience in the baking industry. The stable and reliable products and professional services have won good recognition and high praise from domestic and global market.




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