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AOCNO 3 Bakery Production Lines

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It is true that handmade bread is labor-intensive, with low production capacity, non-standardized shape, size, and appearance quality, and it is very difficult to earn too much profit. But using professional baking equipment will make a big difference, high output, cost saving, and can form a professional bread production line. After setting the program, continuous production automation can be realized, which is very efficient. Use the bread production line to replace the high cost of manual production, effectively control personal costs, shorten the cycle of bread production, and increase sales profits. This is the secret that bread can also have large business.

We have 3 basic production lines,the toast production line, the hamburger production line and the cake production line. And if you have the special need you can change other baking machines based on your needs. Customized configuration according to the actual needs of bread processing factories, canteens, restaurants, large bakeries, integrating automatic or manual self-configuration.




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