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AOCNO Long toast Moulder

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AOCNO Long toast Moulder is designed for forming long loaves and rusks. Its sturdy structure makes this machine suitable for automatic and semi-automatic bread and rusks bakery shop or bread factory. We provide rolls with Teflon coating to prevent dough sticking.


toast making


AOCNO bread forming machine can process many different kinds of dough, easy to operate and maintain. A universal strip forming machine suitable for a variety of dough,like toast,baguette,burger,hot dog and pizza.


AOCNO's long toast forming machine can be used to make a variety of different breads,

1. Non-stick roller

2. Durable

3. Fast, accurate and simple to set

4. Casters with brakes

5、Daily cleaning is convenient and simple

6. Food grade plastic

7. Toast box coated with Teflon




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