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Are you looking for professional bread production line equipment?

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AOCNO Baking Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. It has a modern plant with an area of 45,000 square meters. We have self -employed import and export rights, passed the ISO 9000 international quality assurance system certification, and registered AOCNO trademarks in 5 countries around the world. We have the top industrial production line -bread production lines, such as the burger bag/hot dog production line, toast production lines and cake lines. We can also customize according to your capacity and layout.

Our bread production line equipment mainly includes the following:


Dough mixer: This is one of the core equipment of the bread production line. It is used to mix the raw materials such as flour, yeast, water and other raw materials into dough. Set more than 10 mixing processes, reserve automatic powder and water inlets, and can connect to automatic powder and automatic ingredient system. According to different production needs, you can choose a mixer of different capacity.

Ferry box: The dough is fermented in the fermentation box. The device can control the internal temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions to ensure the effect of the dough fermentation. 

Dough splitter (VE-1600): The baking dough sediment uses a vacuum exhaust system with a built-in vacuum pump without external compressed air.


Dynasties for molding machines: suitable for different types of bread, such as burgers, hot dog bread, bread, toast, French long stick bread, bread bread.

Bake: The oven is one of the most important equipment in the bread production line. It is used to bake the integer bread. According to the types and process requirements of bread, you can choose different types of ovens, such as rotating ovens, hot air circulating ovens, etc.

Packaging machine: It can realize automated packaging operations, improve packaging efficiency, and ensure the hygiene, shelf life and aesthetics of bread.

If you are looking for professional bread production line equipment, AOCNO Baking Machinery Co., Ltd. will be your ideal partner. With rich experience, advanced technology and excellent services, we provide you with a full range of bread production line solutions. Whether it is the selection, customization, or after -sales service, we will provide you with the highest quality support.




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