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Automatic Feeding,ingredient,mixing

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This is the system for automatic feeding, ingredient handling, and mixing in a production or manufacturing baked products.  The batching system is responsible for measuring and dispensing the correct quantities of each ingredient according to the recipe or formulation. It often involves precision measuring devices, such as load cells, flow meters, or volumetric dispensers, controlled by a computerized system.

Automatic Mixing of Powder, Liquid, and Small Material:

The mixing process involves combining the different ingredients in the correct proportions. For powders, this might involve a powder mixer or blender. For liquids, there could be liquid dispensing systems, and for small materials, specialized equipment might be used. The mixing process could be achieved through various means, such as agitators, stirrers, or more advanced mixing technologies depending on the specific requirements of the product.

The overall goal of such a system is to streamline the production process, increase efficiency, and ensure consistency in the final product. Automation reduces the likelihood of human error, improves accuracy in ingredient measurements, and can lead to cost savings over time. AOCNO have been in this bakery machine line for 36 years. Our main products is bread production line,like hamburger bun/hot dog production line,toast production line and cake line.




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