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Cake Production Line

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The AOCNO Company is the professional bakery equipment manufacturer, which specializes in the large bakery production line that designs for the large bakery company. The major product of the AOCNO Company are cake production line, hamburger production line and toast production line. We also offer other commercial bakery equipment, like the dough mixer, spiral cooling tower, tunnel oven and etc,.

Today, I would like to introduce you the cake production line. The AOCNO cake production line is especially designed for the highly automatic modern bakery factory. The production processes can be divided into four parts, the mixing, the forming, the baking and the cooling. The cake production line consist of the dough mixer, pumping, filling, oven infeed, baking oven, out line, depanner, cooling machine, aligning and packaging. These baking machines can automatically finished the four parts of the production.


The cake production line can make that the 100% automatic production come true. The cake production line automatically arranges the cakes for distance sorting, distribution and positioning, and places the baking trays. The automatic plate dividing machine separates the trays stably and continuously, unlike the traditional workshop, where rely on the labor transporting, it can save more labor cost. The conveyor belt is a food-grade and anti-bacterial PU belt. You don’t have to worry about the pollution problem in the transporting process. The control system uses famous brand electrical components, intelligent PLC control and touch screen display. Every procedure can be controlled accurately to minimize the waste of the raw material and avoid the over-burnt problem.

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