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Classification of Bread

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Bread is one of the most beloved staple food around the world, the origins of bread can be traced back to the distant New Age era. In general, bread is made of wheat flour and then baked, steamed and other methods, However, in order to taste good and look good, people have great ideas on the raw materials, and try to change the way of eating bread.

Let me introduce the classification of bread as follows:

Wholemeal bread is one of the most popular bread. This kind of bread does not remove any part of the wheat grain, even the wheat husk , so this kind of bread is also called wholemeal bread. It is precisely because it contains all wheat ingredients that wholemeal bread is rich in dietary fiber and has high nutritional value, so it has always been regarded as one of the healthiest bread. This kind of bread is rough in texture, has a faint fragrance of grain, and the color is generally brown, but brown bread is not necessarily wholemeal bread.

White bread only consists of the innermost endosperm of the wheat and is one of the most common types of bread. White bread has a soft texture and a slightly sweet taste. It is often eaten with milk and soy milk for breakfast or as a staple food, which is very common in the Western countries. In order to give white bread more different taste experience, some people add vegetables and herbs into it.

Multigrain bread is made of whole grains, including barley flour, wheat flour, oat flour, corn flour, walnuts, hazelnuts and other raw materials,  then kneaded into dough and fermented, so it is called multigrain bread. Compared with other breads, multigrain bread is richer in dietary fiber, vitamins and various trace elements, which can help the body balance nutritional needs and promote health.

Rye bread is a type of whole wheat bread, which originated in Europe .Rye bread is made from rye flour or a combination of rye and wheat flour. Rye bread color is a little darker,  a heavier taste, and has more dietary fiber. Many European countries prefer this kind of bread, such as Scandinavia, Germany, Finland. Russia etc. This kind of bread has a compact structure and is not easy to digest, so it decomposes relatively slowly after eating, and only needs a small amount of insulin to maintain blood balance, so eating more black bread can prevent diabetes.

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