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Bakery Machines and Lines

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Description of baking machinery and production line:

The whole machine adopts touch screen, photoelectric control, computer storage data, simple operation, high degree of automation.The bread production line has a high degree of automation, high production efficiency and reduced labor costs.

Bread dough forming machine includes 4 machines ---- main machine, filling machine, clamping machine, cutting machine.A cookie cutter is used to make round bread, and a cookie cutter is used to make square bread.You can choose one or both.It depends on what kind of bread you want to make.

Baking machinery and production line Material:

Material :304 stainless steel, 100mm PU insulation layer, automatic water metering controller.

Bakery Machines and Lines contains:

1. The dough mixer

2. Bread forming machine

3. Bread fermentation machine

3. Bread oven (rotary oven or tunnel oven)

4. Bread filler

5. Bread cooling line

6. Bread packaging machine

The Bread Making Process:

The dough is stretched by three pressure rollers and kneading device to make the dough more lustrous and stable.Each press roller is provided with a thickness adjustment device, which can set the thickness of dough to increase or reduce the weight of the product;

There is an electric eye between the surface pressing wheel and the thinning device to control the speed of the dough surface, so that the dough will not be blocked or broken due to too fast conveying speed of the main machine.After passing through the last main pressure wheel, the dough will fall to the main board.

Application of bakery machines and lines 

Hotel, retail, food store, food and beverage, etc

Bakery Machines and LinesBakery Machines and Lines




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