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Fixed Bowl Mixer

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If you are running a commercial bakery shop or baking factory, the modern machine can save you lots of time. The AOCNO company, the professional manufacturer of the baking machines, would be your best cooperator. Our main products are the bread production line, hamburger production line, cake production line, the sprial cooling tower and so many other commercial bakery machines.

AOCNO’s mixed dough mixer can help the mixing process as simple as possible and in the meanwhile it can raise the mixing efficiency, and maintain a guaranteed level of quality. It can be boyh used in the baking shoop and pastry factory. It is the ideal equipment for many pastry material.


Making the baking processes more quick and convenient, our industrial bakery mixer -- fixed dough mixer is extensively used in the bakeries, canteens, supermarkets and industrial bread factories. We offer you multiple models, one of them must fit your needs. If you have secial needs, we also offer you the customized service, the bakery mixer are available in different configurations. These industrial fixed mixers can be applied in mixing the biscuit dough, chapati dough, milk, cream and other food ingredients.

The fixed mixer has two speeds, the high speed and low speed. It is equipped with the bowl safety transparent guard in case of the splashing of the liquid meterial. The high strength motor, makes sure that the commercial dough mixer canbe used for all kinds of dough. It also has the motor overload protection. The bow and sprial are both equipped with the independent motor. The arm, bowl and dividing plate were made of 304 steel.

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