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Funding and equipment preparation for opening a new bakery

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Many people’s dream is to have their own bakery, especially those with baking skills, the desire will be stronger, but the desire is good, we still need some preparation conditions, let's talk about capital and equipment first.

Funding preparation: Undoubtedly, opening a bakery requires certain financial support, including equipment and tools investment, such as ovens, proofing boxes, refrigerators, large and small mixers, operating tables, etc.; tools such as bakeware, various molds , Knives, etc. The cost of shelves and display cabinets varies according to the degree of decoration; the rest must reserve raw materials, apply for business licenses and other working capital. In addition to the increase in the amount of investment mentioned above, the main input for a slightly larger store will also increase the cost of decoration.


Equipment preparation: Generally, a newly opened bakery can use some basic equipment, and then update the equipment as it develops. For example, dough mixer (mixer), egg beater, butter machine (for cakes), deck oven (with oven trays), various grinding tools, generally used for cakes, and food packaging bags and containers. A container for the prepared bread. When purchasing equipment, you need to know the size of the equipment accurately to avoid the completion of the decoration, but found that the large-scale equipment purchased cannot be in place.


Of course, in addition to these factors, the most important one is that as a boss, you must have an absolute understanding of technology, which is also the key to determining your success.




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