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Manufacturer of Commercial Dough Maker

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Commercial dough mixer is a professional equipment designed for the catering industry, bakery and other commercial places. It is mainly used for mixing and kneading of a large number of dough, to meet the efficient production of bread, noodles, pastries and other flour products demand. The following are the key considerations when choosing a commercial noodle maker:

Power and capacity-power:

commercial dough makers generally have power ranging from 500W to several kilowatts. The higher the power, the more capable they are of handling dough, making them suitable for higher volume production. - capacity: measured by the capacity of the basin (barrel) , from small size of 5L, 10L to large size of 50L, 100L and above, the suitable capacity is selected according to the daily production.

Operation Mode

Manual/Automatic Control: modern commercial and dough machines are equipped with automatic timing, speed control functions, some with intelligent program settings, according to the type of dough automatically adjust the kneading process, improve efficiency.

Mixing Hook/paddle/Rod:

Different shapes of mixing accessories are suitable for different types of dough. For example, a dough hook is suitable for bread dough, and a stirring paddle is more suitable for cake batter.

Comprehensive consideration of the above factors, combined with their own business scale and product needs, can be more accurate to choose a suitable commercial and dough mixer, effectively improve the efficiency and product quality.dough mixer




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