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Get more information about Automatic tilting dough mixer

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The automatic tilting dough mixer is a professional spiral kneader with a very strong motor. This ensures you can easily mix dough. The drive of this spiral kneader happens through a chain and belts. This kitchen appliance has a metal casing with durable coating. This ensures your kitchen appliance will last you longer. 

Automatic dough mixers have a height of 1364 millimeter, a width of 682 millimeter and a depth of 1112 millimeter. On top of that it weighs 404 kilogram, so you wont just slide it aside. It is a big and powerful machine, really the strongest thing in your kitchen! Below you can find all characteristics of it:

Our spiral dough mixer has been designed to make the mixing process as simple and efficient as possible, and maintain a guaranteed level of quality. It is suitable for use by small craftsmen or industrial manufacturers, ideal for bread, pastry, cakes, cookies etc.

Automatic tilting dough mixer     Automatic tilting dough mixer

The dough mixer makes the baking processes more quick and convenient, which is extensively used in the bakeries, canteens, supermarkets and industrial bread factories. Available in different configurations, these industrial spiral dough mixers find application for mixing the biscuit dough, chapati dough, milk, cream and other food ingredients.

Features of the dough mixer

Equipped with bowl safety transparent guard.

Motor overload protection.
Independent motors for bowl and spiral.
Stainless steel 304 arm, bowl and dividing plate.
High torque, dual stage belt drive,front and rear levelers

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