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Hamburger/bun/hot Dog Production Line Of AOCNO

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The name Hamburger originated from the northwestern German city of Hamburg. It means "from Hamburg", which can refer to the hamburger itself, or the patty made of ground beef or other ground beef in the bread. This kind of meat pie is now generally called hamburger pie in Chinese, and hamburger is used to refer to the round bun sandwich with hamburger steak. Today hamburgers can be found in nearly every parts of the world. Over time the concept has evolved, and meat patties are decorated with an endless variety of creative, tasty toppings. The meat patties themselves have been replaced with healthier options, including black bean, turkey and salmon burgers (though one might argue that these do not really qualify as burgers in the traditional sense).

In modern times, customers attach great importance to the freshness of unpack buns, thus a long shelf life and freshness of the buns are particularly important. Just like the fine crumb structure of the hamburger buns and hot dog buns, for the packaging of the buns a consistent, standardized quality and exact processing are absolutely essential.

If you are running a hamburger fast food restaurant, AOCNO can provide you complete production processes for hamburger buns and hot dog buns consist of coordinated components that enable the efficient and continuous production of baked products.

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