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The AOCNO --- Humberger Production Line

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If you are running a modern baking food factory, the AOCNO Company would be your best partner. We are the professional baking machines manufacturer, who designs all kinds of bakery equipments. Today I would like to introduce you the hamburger production line.

The AOCNO hamburger production line is consist of water chiller, removable bowl dough mixer, bowl lifter & dough mixer, dough divider & dough rounder, proofing conveyor, rack fermenting room, automatic sprinklewater and sesame machine, tunnel oven, bread depanner, bread conveyor, sprial cooling tower, freezing room, back trays conveyor and mold storage.


The water chiller are made of 304 stainless steel. The capacity is 300L, 500L and 1000L. It can make 3-5 degrees ice water continuously. The remaovable bowl dough mixer has durable design, like 304 stainless steel body, sealed mixer cover. Equipped with SIEMENS PLC touch screen can be set more than 10 mixing process. There is a dough temperature display function. Dough conveying can hold 1600kg, 2400kg and 3600kg per hour. This equipment is mainly used for the dough processing and conveying of the hamburger, hot dog, french loaf and pizza production line. This part actually contains 3 different machines, the dough divider, the frozen dough rounder machine and the hamburger hot dog moulder machine. The weight of the dough can range from 100-2000g. Proofing Conveyor is made of stainless steel, 0.8 meter wide, 15 meter straight line. Rack fermenting room has 26 racks. The proofing time can last 60-80 minutes. The air-conditioning type with cold water spray system and the air convection system includes gas heating and humidification device. The automatic sprinkle water and sesame machine is made of 304 stainless steel. It has the spray system to increase the humidifiction of the doughs' surface. The spray system has equipped with the linear water cutting system. The Tunnel Oven is 16 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. The effective baking area is 45 square meters. Within the 10 minutes, the baking procedure is finished. The outter frame of the bread depanner is made of stainless steel. It also equipped with JMC reducer, Pepperl+Fuchs sensor and FORBO PU belt. The latex nozzle is attached to the blowing air pipe. The bread conveyor can convey the bread into the sprial cooling tower. The POM module conveyor is 12 meters long. The sprial cooling tower is used for lowering the temperature. It can cool down the bread within 40 minutes. The effective area is 0.5 meters wide ang 250 meters long. It also including automatic mesh belt cleanig machine.Then the bread can be convey into the freezing room. Back trays conveyor is back to "moulder". The Mold Storage can store up to 2000 burger trays or teh hot dog trays. And it can automatically collect the used palletizing and release the baking tray.


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