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The AOCNO --- Rotary Oven

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When you are running a bakery company, the working effciency and the high quality control are key points. Thus the automatic production line can help you build a modern factory. The accurate quality control can avoid many waste, it can save more raw material. The AOCNO company is a professional bakery equipment manufacturer, our major product are hamburger production line, toast production line and cake production line. The AOCNO Ovens are ideal for high-volume bakeries, wholesale operations producing quality baked goods. We have all kinds of baking machines, one of them must fit your needs.


The AOCNO manufacturers all kinds of baking ovens. Normally there are two types of the baking ovens, the tunnel oven and the rotary oven. According to the power way, these two ovens can be divided into the gas baking oven, diesel baking oven and the electric baking oven. The AOCNO --- Rotary Oven uses RIELLO burner, which can resist 1200℃ heat. Thus the high temperature causes by the long working time would not bother you. The control panel is equpped with the programmable timer, which can prevent the over burnt problem. You can see the exact time on the digital signage. 360°circling hot air to keep equal and optimal fire, in this way the rotary oven can make sure that the pastry will baked evenly. The whole frame structure of the oven is made of the stalnless steel, which ensures the food safety. The rotary oven has low energy consumption. The diesel consumption is about 3.2L/hour for diesel type. The electric consumption is 36 for electric type. The gas type needs 3.5L per hour. Moreover, the rotaey oven is epuipped with the heating system, it can change 8 kilogram water into steam within 20 seconds. The air exhauster and fume collecting hood on top which is environmental protected.


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