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The AOCNO Spiral Cooling Tower Conveyor

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When you are running a food and beverage company, the quality of the product and the production efficiency are the key points. Luckily building a modern food factory would be the solution to all these problems. If you are eager to build the modern factory but you totally have no idea how to build it. Then the AOCNO Company are able to help you the modern factory as soon as possible.

The AOCNO Company is the professional baking machinery manufacturer, which has the own factory to produce all various of bakery production line , like the hamburger production line , the toast production line, the cake production line. Each of these three lines were consist of different pieces of baking equipment, like the spiral cooling tower conveyor, the commercial baking oven , the commercial dough mixer and etc,.


Today we are gonna introduce you the AOCNO Spiral Cooling Tower Conveyor.

This spiral cooling conveyor is designed for the mass produce factory, it can cooling down the temperature of the bakery products from the oven with the room temperature within the short time. It can lower the products’ temperature to the required temperature before the products delivered for packing.

The spiral cooling towers are equipped with the frequency changer, the high quality reduction box and Schneider electric components. The Conveyor belt is made of stainless steel and the skeleton is made of stainless steel square tubes. Thus it can ensure the food safety ans prevents the pollution during the conveyor process.

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The spiral cooling tower can be fully customized based on your needs. Maybe you are producing the cake, maybe you are producing the bread.Different products has the different special own design. So when you order this product, please let us know what product do you produce. We can also customize the material, length and width of the conveyor belt based on your production shop.

The height, diameter and layers of the tower also can be customized based on your needs. You may worry the direction of the in feed and the out feed may not fit your existed machine. There are also 3 shape types of the spiral cooling tower, the round, the oval and the vertical. If you have special concern of the machine, like the machine strength and the material, you also can choose the material of the frame. The brand of the reduction motor,bearing ,and the inverter frequency device and screen also can be replaced based on your needs.

cooling tower

If you are interested in the price of the cooling tower, please contact us now!




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