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The AOCNO Toast Production Machine

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If you are running a bakery factory, the AOCNO Company would be a good partner for you to work with. The AOCNO Company has specialize in the bakery machine for decades, we have the professional developing team to manufacturer the practical baking equipment. If you are trying to build a high efficiency modern food factory, the bakery equipment is the key to the success.

Our professional team will offer you the customized service to help you find your suitable bakery machinery. We can help you optimize your production solution for mixing, proofing, molding, baking and etc,. We offer multiple products, like the commercial mixer, the tunnel oven, the spiral cooling tower conveyor and other devices. Our major product would be our bakery production line, the hamburger production line , the toast production line and the cake production line.

Línea de producción automática de hamburguesa

Today I’m gonna introduce you the AOCNO toast production line. The toast production line are consist of 18 devices in total. Here are these machines, water chiller, removale bowl dough mixer, hydraulic cylinder turning machine, dough divider, dough rounder, intermediate proofer, toast moulder,auto swing proofer, the lidding machine, tunnel oven, lid off machine, bread depanner, bread depanner, bread conveyor, spiral cooling tower, sorting conveyor, slicer & package, back trays conveyor, mold storage.

The key part for the toast production line would be the rack fermenting room, the tunnel oven , the spiral cooling tower and the freezing room. The rack fermenting room has 26 racks in total. The proofing time is about 60-80 minutes. The air-conditioning type with cold water spray system, and the air convection system includes gas heating and humidification device.

As for the tunnel oven, the baking section is 16 meters long, the effective width is 2.5 meters, and the effective baking area can reach 45 square meters.

The spiral cooling tower has 0.6 meters effective width and total length is 250 meters. The cooling time can be controlled within 40 minutes. It is also equipped with automatic mesh belt cleaning machine. You don’t have to worry about the cleaning problem.

The freezing room ‘s effective working area can reach 0.8 meters wide, 400 meters long. It can cool down the bakery products within 40m minutes.

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