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Tunnel Oven Of AOCNO

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Today we will take a look at tunnel oven.

The tunnel oven interior is shaped like a tunnel, and the material is sent in and out of the furnace through a conveying mechanism. The tunnel oven is a tunnel-type mechanical device that completes material heating and baking through heat conduction, convection, and radiation.

Generally speaking, the length of the tunnel oven ranges from 6 meters up to 80 meters. The baking inner chamber is a long narrow tunnel, and the width of the inner chamber is about 80cm to 240cm. When the food is baking, the relative movement between the food through the conveying chain plate, steel belt or mesh belt and the heating element or direct-fired combustion rod is completed, so as to complete the baking work.

AOCNO is a professional manufacturer of tunnel oven, which has 28 years of oven manufacturing history in China. AOCNO has successfully developed a 3D three-dimensional multi-layer tunnel oven after 3 years of scientific research and huge investment.

AOCNO baking tunnels give you the flexibility to bake the finest product in any methods you prefer to. We can customized the length and width of the tunnel oven according to the customer's factory layout and capacity output requirements. When choosing a baking tunnel oven from AOCON, you will be provided with custom unique solutions.




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