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dough mixer with high quality

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In addition to using high-quality raw materials, the dough kneading process and the length of time determine the quality of the bread.


During the kneading process, air is incorporated into the dough matrix, which forms a gluten network that forms the bread structure.


It is important not to knead the dough excessively, which will cause the dough to become thick and dense. This is due to the reduced water absorption capacity and weaken the wrinkling ability of the dough. At the same time, avoid kneading the dough because this will reduce the air-holding capacity of the dough.


These simulations provide important information about what happens inside and on the dough over time, such as the incorporation of air into the matrix and the formation and rupture of dough pockets.


Through continuous development and research, AOCNO kneading machine has developed high-standard kneading machines to meet the different needs of customers.

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