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The AOCNO Tunnel oven

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The AOCNO Tunnel oven is especially designed for large bakery factory .

tunnel oven

The Tunnel Oven has several systems, like the electrical control system, the mechanical transmission system, the skeleton system, the eletric heating system, the food delivery system, the exhaust ventilation system and etc.

All these different systems makes the Tunnel Oven funtions the well, which makes the standard bakery products.

The width of the Tunnel Oven depends on , how many trays do you want in your Tunnel Oven. 

You can have 2 trays at least, and the 6 trays is the top limit. The tray size is 600mm*400mm. The smallest size of the Tunnel Oven is 2375mm, the biggest size of the Tunnel Oven is 4775mm. You can choose the size of the Tunnel Oven based on your needs.

tunnel oven

The Tunnel Oven can be applied in multiple production, like loaf , pizza, toast bread, hamburger buns, hot dog, baguette, croissant, cake, biscuit, pastry and etc. The AOCNO Tunnel Oven machine is a good choice for the large bekery factory.

The AOCNO Tunnel Oven is a zero-pressure gas-fired tunnel oven.

The two key parts of the Tunnel Oven are the insulation system and the drive section.

The insulation system has two major advantages.

First, the Tunnel Oven uses rockwool to make device power consumption to a minimum. Second, the Tunnel Oven uses 304 stainless steel, which ensures the safety of the food and the oven during the baking process can lower the heat loss to a minimum.

The dreive sections has many advantages.

First, the conveyor belt is low noise, the chain material collected 40 Cr alloy materials, which gains the conveyor belt better stability. And the conveyor belt can bear 500 degrees (932 degrees Fahrenheit) . Second, it has powerful engine and proper storage of heat. Third, the Tunnel Oven is equipped with SEW reducer. Based on the baking time the stepless speed can be precisely controlled. Forth, the tightness of the conveyor belt can be automatically adjust, which ensures the conveyor belt can run more smoothly.

tunnel ovenTunnel Oven

So if you owns a large bakery factory, you should contact us immediately for the amazing automatic bakery machine-- the AOCNO Tunnel Oven.




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