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Different bread making machine

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AOCNO bakery equipment is used to process bakery products formed from dough. Various machines of the bakery equipment include bread systems, dough mixers,dough divider and rounder machines,moulder machines, and ovens. In the global baking processing equipment market, the number of baking equipment manufacturers is increasing due to factors related to the growth of consumption of baked products.


 burger bread making

Since 1984, AOCNO has been an expert in bakery machinery, with modern design and manufacturing, continuous development, expandability, and complete machine functions. AOCNO has developed a complete dough divider machine, moulder machine, intermediate proofer machine and automatic bread production line. At every stage of production, you can make high-quality bread with confidence.


At present, the multi-functional automation equipment and production line designed, manufactured and installed by AOCNO for industrial bakeries is officially launched. It is a 100% automated bread production line that can be used for the production of hamburgers, toasts, French baguettes, hot dogs and pizza. Large output and high precision.


If you are running a bakery or food factory and want to increase efficiency while reducing costs, please contact us. We will provide you with the best solution.




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