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Multifunctional Bread Making Production Line for Bakery Factory

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When you running your own bakery business, are you feeling tired of the tons of bakery procedures? It’s quite difficult to make your bread while serve customers, right?Or maybe you are facing the problem, that you are lack of experienced baker.

As for the bakery factory, if you are trying to build your own bakery brand, then the standard product is required. And production efficiency would be the first thing that you need to consider about.

I highly recommend people,who runs private bakery shop and especially bakery factory to use the ANOCO Multifunctional Bread Making Production Line.

multifunctional bakery machineautomachine bekery line

The Multifunctional Bread Making Production Line machine has the high accuracy, high capacity and high speed, which can save lots of time to increase the prodution efficiency and help you to make standard prpoduction.And with this amazing modern machine you can not only toast,but also other different kind of bread, like burger, hot dog, baguette and other products.

There are six parts of the automatic machine.

1. Water chiller

2. Removable dough mixer

3. Dough chunker

4. Dough divider

5. Dough rounder

6. Dough moulder

The water chiller is made of 304 stainless steel and has a    100 mm PU insulation layer. And it has an automatic water metering controller. As for the chilling part we used USA refrigerating machine and R404 refrigerant.

water chillerwater chiller

The removable dough mixer is made of carbon steel and 304 stainless steel. The bakery mixer set more than 10 kinds of mixing procedures,reserved auto powder mouth, and water inlet, can be connected to the automatic powder and automatic batching system.It has different sizes of mixer.

removable bowl dough mixerdough mixer

The dough chunker uses 304 stainless steel.It cancontain 500L bowl. The smart cutters can accurately cut the dough into pieces.

dough chunker

The dough divider(VE-1600): The baking dough divider use vacuum exhaust system, built-in vacuum pump, no need for external compressed air.

high speed dough divider1dough divider

The dough rounder is 500-1200g.And the track is adjustable.

dough rounderconical dough rounder

The dough moulder has different moulds,like hamburger, hot dog, bun, toast, baguette and rusk bread.

toast dough moulder

This multifunctional bread making production line,can meet the demand for different kind of bread,the capacity is customized.We can design it according your capacity and layout.

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