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Precautions for newly purchased bread oven (1)

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What aspects should be paid attention to after the newly bought oven is delivered home?


1. Unpacking

First, take the bread oven and various accessories out of the box, and empty the inner cavity of the bread oven. Bread ovens usually come with bakeware, grilling nets and other accessories and gifts. At this step, pay attention to observe whether the appearance of the oven is intact and undamaged, the glass door is intact without cracks, the feet and handles are complete, and various accessories and gifts are not missed or damaged. If there is any problem with any of the above, don't rush to use it, and contact the after-sales service as soon as possible.


2. Place

Most people's bread oven is placed in the kitchen, of course, there are also placed on the sideboard or dining table.


If it is placed in the kitchen, pay special attention to the location not too close to the sink. On the one hand, it is to avoid splashing water on the bread oven to affect the working temperature, on the other hand it is to avoid being scalded by the working oven when washing materials.


In addition, after the oven is placed, ensure that the surroundings are ventilated, and there is a certain gap between the back and above the wall and cabinets. Do not place other objects on the bread oven to prevent the high temperature from damaging the walls, cabinets or other objects.


3. Clean

For the fresh bread oven, you can use warm water with a little neutral detergent to wipe the inside of the oven, bakeware, grilling net and other accessories clean, dry, and then plug in the power supply. Pay attention to avoid developing heat pipes when wiping the oven cavity.


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