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Rotary Oven

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If you have high standard for the baking equipment, I would like to introduce you the AOCNO Rotary Oven. The AOCNO Company is the professional bakery machine manufacturer, we have the years of the baking machine making experience. We have our own direct factory and the experienced workers to ensure you the high quality bakery equipment. We also have the professional team to solve your problems and offer the one-stop service. We sales team can offer you the shopping advice, the transportation solution and the after-sales problem. We can offer you the perfect shopping experience. Our main products is bread production line,like hamburger bun/hot dog production line,toast production line and cake line. The tunnel oven and spiral cooling tower conveyor is our hot sells.

Today I would like to introduce you the AOCNO Rotary Oven.

According to the heating type, there are two types of the rotary oven, the oil type and the electric type. The temperature is fine adjusted by the energy saving heating element. The rotary oven is equipped with the well balanced blower with the precise nozzle, which can distribute the exact amount heat in to the chamber room.


The rotary oven is equipped with the RIELLO burner, which can resist 1200℃. When the temperature of the rotary oven increased rapidly, the accessory will not be easily burnt. There is a 7 inch LCD screen on the rotary oven, it would be easy foe the baker to check the baking time to ensure the pastry would not get over burnt or the inside of the bread is still undercooked. 

The steam system can change 8 kilogram water into steam within 20 seconds. In this way, the temperature of the baking room can reach the set temperature in a short time. Position device on top to keep the trolley facing to the door after stopping. It would be convenient for the baker to pick up the pastry. 360°circling hot air to keep equal and optimal fire. If you want to buy the oil type but worry about the pollution, you don’t have to be worried. Because our rotary oven has equipped with the air exhauster and fume collecting hood on top to protect the environment.

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