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What is Toast moulder machine?

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Toast moulder machine is perfect for forming dough for bread, such as French Bread, hot dog bread, dinner roll and etc., pizza, toast, Chinese bun that includes spring onion cake, red turtle, Chinese burger bread and etc., pretzels, and doughnuts. 

Main Benefits:

The toast moulder machine is appropriate for the degassing and shape repairing of bread such as Toast and Hot-dog.

The pressing wheel is chosen by top-ranking materials with pressurizing, grinding and cauterizing technology, it can press out the bubble in the dough and press it into dough strip, then roll the dough strip to bar to its demanding length.

Particular structure of toast moulder machine is furnished with fast speed and fine exhausting performance, completely extending the paste.

The 3000pcs per hour production capacity guarantees high efficiency production. Toast Moulder consists of non-stick surface, wear resistant and durable imported belt, which are easy to clean.

Unique oil immersion design makes it work smoothly without noise.

Toast moulder machine     Toast moulder machine

Overview of Toast moulder machines

Molds 700-1000 pieces of dough per hour

Enamel White Paint Finish Resists Rust and Corrosion 

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Frame And Steel Panels 

Thermal Overload Protection Helps Protects the moulder machine

Stainless Steel Curling Chains, Sanitary Polyurethane Conveyor Belts

Durable Gear, Chain, and Belt Driven Transmission

Easily Accessible Precise Roller and Conveyor Belt Adjustments

Convenient Top Workspace With Mounted Tray Support and Flour Tray.

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