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AOCNO Dough Divider

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Our dough divider machine allow you to shape any dough to the exact dimensions that you need with precise accuracy. It means our dough moulder machine can create the perfect shapes for every kind of dough including: pizza, bread, bagels, baguettes, rolls, puffs, cookies, doughnuts, pastries, and any imaginable flour-based delicacies. Expand your business sales by being able to create new bakery products that can be mould exactly as you need them with state of the art precision and efficiency.

Whether AOCNO dough mixer, dough rounder, moulder machine, they will speed up your productivity, saving time and expensive labor costs. With our extremely easy to use designs, whatever you are an artisan baker or chefs do not require extensive training to be a skilled moulder. No matter what your budget, our bakery equipment pay for themselves by increasing efficiency. AOCNO focus more on developing new automatic baking equipment to meet your  requirements.

Our bakery equipment are backed by an industry leading warranty, so they’re guaranteed to work now, and long into the future.Furthermore,Our bakery machines are made from the finest materials and designed to provide many years of reliable service.




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