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What kind of dough mixer can make good bread?

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What kind of dough mixer can make good bread?


Bread is is a fast food with wheat flour as the main raw material,mixed with other auxiliary materials.It is rich in nutrition through a series of processes such as dough mixing, fermentation, shaping and baking,loosely organized and easy to digest and absorb,and has good color, aroma and taste. The production process of bread is: arrange the material, mixing flour, dividing dough, rounding dough,-proofing-baking. In this production process, dough mixing and fermenting have the greatest impact on the finished bread, among which the quality of bread is affected by 25%. Therefore, the dough mixing process is one of the key point to ensure the quality of bread products.


In general, the optimal degree of dough is controlled by experienced workers subjective judgment. This method is not conducive to bread automation and industrial production, and maybe affect the stability of product quality.


AOCNO bakery factory with fixed bowl dough mixer, removable bowl dough mixers and automatic tilting dough mixers. These dough mixers are made of stainless steel. Two-speed two-motion can be selected according to your needs.


Among them,fixed bowl mixer can be used for small capacity baking, removable bowl dough mixers and automatic tilting dough mixers machine can be used in automatic bread production line, saving your labor, improving efficiency, and bringing you a relaxed experience.

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