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bakery machinery for bread making

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The bakery machinery for the production of the bakery includes the connecting equipment and equipment such as the dough mixer, the dough press, the forming machine, the flour calibration machine (or the fermentation chamber), and the     .If you produce special varieties of bread, you can also add filling machine, rolling machine and other equipment.

Doodle mixer is a kind of food machinery.Its main function is to mix flour, water and other materials evenly.There are vacuum flour mixer and spiral flour mixer.

The machine is mainly composed of stirring tank, hook, driving device, control panel, frame and so on.

Dough divider machine    

The dough divider divides the dough evenly into specified pieces.Weighing the dough by pressing the block according to the specification.It is one of the necessary combination modes to realize the automation of bread forming production line.

Press the dough

The dough press is a kind of automatic dough kneading machine which replaces the traditional hand kneading method.The dough is elastic and stretchable at a certain thickness through a counter-rotating press roll and kneading process.

Dough hemming machine

Slicing machine is a kind of combination machine which connects the dough press and the molding machine.The main function of the dough trimmer is to cut and compress the pressed dough and transfer it to the molding machine.

Bread forming machine

The dough is smoother and more stable by extending the two press rollers and the tablet pressing device.Finally, through the main machine press roller, the dough is placed on the main machine conveyor belt, and the dough is rolled into strips by the bread roll device and the auxiliary wheel.The main machine can be equipped with filling machine, rolling curtain cutting machine, to produce a variety of characteristics and shapes of bread.

bakery machinery for bread makingbakery machinery for bread making




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