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baking machine Spiral proofer

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The AOCNO spiral proofing system allows you to reach the ideal temperature, up to +45 ℃, and the humidity control can reach 60%-90%, which is necessary for proofing the dough. The conveyor belt unfolds vertically in a spiral shape: in this way, you can make full use of the height space, thereby minimizing the size. The spiral fermentation system is located in a closed room, and the humidity percentage is monitored, adjusted and kept constant.

 dough proofer

Due to its large capacity and compact size, the spiral proofer is the first choice for large industrial bakeries, which can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce costs in all aspects.


By choosing AOCNO, you have the opportunity to customize the spiral proofer for its shape and function to match the bread making production line. With our experience, our services include: checking space, researching and analyzing bread details, designing the most suitable solution, and creating a spiral fermenting room to optimize your production line.




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